Enfleurage oils from organic flowers

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Gardenia Enfleurage Oil

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Gardenia Enfleurage Oil

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Gardenia jasminoides

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Botanical name:

Gardenia jasminoides



Synonyms / other names:

Gardenia florida, Gardenia grandiflora, Gardenia augusta, gardenia radicans



CAS number:


EC number:



Gardenia florida oil -9252-

Part used:



Enfleurage technique


Liquid pale yellow


Perfumery, cosmetics, aromatherapy

Blooming period:

All year round

Main constituents:

Linalool, Methyl benzoate, vinyl cyclohexyl, Ethyl benzoate, Indole

Odor description:

Soaring, beautiful floral notes notes with very fresh green floral notes and sweet undertones

Aromatherapy Properties:

Actions attributed to gardenia include calming irritability, cooling blood, reducing swelling, is very effective as a hemostatic agent, effective treating injuries to the muscles, joints, and tendons. It is used to treat infections, abscesses, jaundice, sputum, or stool. It is also used to treat anxiety or insomnia. It is also helpful in correcting menopausal imbalances reflected in insomnia and depression, nervous tension, headache, and dizziness.

True gardenia oil with intense aroma, identical to flower themselves, extracted by enfleurage technique. Our source is a delicate organic gardenia flower, grown in the Andes on a special natural micro-climate, cultivated and treated with love to obtain this beautiful scented oil. As a result we extract a pure and unique gardenia enfleurage oil to be used on perfumery, cosmetics and aromatherapy with a fabulous added value: high antioxidant capacity!